Each and every veteran has a story to tell......

Stories about their service to country, sacrifices they have made in the name of freedom and of the love they have for their brothers and sisters in arms. They also feel isolated when it is time to leave that service behind and embark upon a mission to find their own meaningful opportunity.

“Troops don’t come home to government programs; they come home to their families, neighbors and communities. Communities and companies must step up to embrace our troops and veterans. - Army Col. David Sutherland


Our mission is to build a bridge from military service to meaningful opportunity. On one side, we have our nation’s heroes. On the other side, we have America’s greatest opportunities with America’s greatest companies. Our military members reach a gap that is too big for them to cross by themselves. The Warrior Transition Network helps veterans bridge this gap in order to realize the tremendous opportunities that exist after their military service.

Our approach is not a mass attempt at creating a program to serve "all veterans", our approach is much more tactical.  Simply put, we create awareness for the companies who are serving our veteran community.  We create engagement opportunities for individuals and companies who want to do more to serve and hire our veterans.  Lastly, we prepare our veteran members to find meaningful opportunities with America's greatest employers by creating a "bridge" between veterans seeking employment and employers who have the need to hire America's most exceptional workforce. We will continue this process until we cross all of the veterans who need our help in St Louis and across Missouri. One by one, we will serve those who have served us. 

We would be honored to learn more about your company and how we can tactically support your efforts... 

Please contact our Director of Operations, Will Foy at will@operationcentermass.com