Does your company or organization want to create awareness of your Military Support?

Awareness – Operation Selfie with a Soldier shines a light on our military members: past, present and future through community events. We enjoy partnering with companies and organizations who value the service of our nation’s heroes.  We would be honored to work with your company and showcase your support for our military. 


Do you want to get engaged and support the men and women of our military?

Engagement – Operation Civilian Support targets the 99% of American’s who have never served. We have found many great Americans who value the service and sacrifice of these men and women and their families. They want to help lessen the burden of our military, but are unsure how. We create events that rally the 99% to assist and support the 1%. 

Are you a transitioning veteran looking for your next meaningful opportunity and ready to take action?

Action – Operation Center Mass zeroes in on the 1% of our nation who have answered freedom’s call. Our strategic process allows our warfighters to create their own path to meaningful opportunity – a career, education/certification, or starting their own business. There are phenomenal stories from these military members that need to be told and our process allows them to share what makes them special. 

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Create Awareness, Get Engaged & Take Action!

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