We are grateful for our current partners who have helped shape and mold this process up to this point. You may be wondering how we can add value to your organization. We have built this process by using three simple elements, through three distinct Operations: .

Awareness - Operation Selfie with a Soldier creates awareness for our partner organization by highlighting the great work that you are already doing for your veterans. We help to recognize those individuals within your organization who have answered the nation’s call to service. Our partner companies can take pride in what they have done and we will create a partnership with you to increase your voice.

Engagement - Operation Civilian Support (OCS) creates engagement for the 99% of our population who have never served in our military forces. There are many civilians who want to support our veterans, but may not be aware of how to do that. OCS is designed to either create engagement based on what you are already doing or to help you make an impact by working with you to create content that puts you in front of more veterans.

Action - Operation Center Mass (OCM) creates the action for the 1% of our population who have served. OCM is a tactical process that takes a veteran from wherever they are in their transition and prepares them to walk into your organization ready to be a team player and contribute in a positive manner from day one. We work with them to set the expectations and make sure that they will be a valuable member of your team. 

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