Meet Our Team


Will Foy, Co-founder / Director of Operations

Leadership is in my blood. I know that I will miss the day-to-day interactions with my Soldiers; however, my next adventure will expand the impact I can truly have. My goal is to get back in the game and win another personal Super Bowl with our nation's great warriors. We have never done anything in the military without our team around us. When accepting the challenge of leading this initiative into the future, I wanted to surround myself with the right team who can make a difference. Together, we can make a collective impact in communities across Missouri.


Gary Baker, Co-Founder / board member

In 2016, we set out to "show our appreciation" for those who have served, we never imagined that we would end up creating a process that would re-shape how the men and women of our military transition successfully into civilian lives.  Every time I meet with a Veteran, a company who hires Veterans or an organization who serves Veterans, as a civilian who has never served, I feel a sense of pride that I get to serve those who have served for me and my family! I am honored to be a part of the Warrior Transition Network.

Jack Stapleton.jpg

Jack Stapleton, Co-Founder / board member

This position is very meaningful to me in so many ways. My Father, Robert S. Stapleton, served in the Army Air Corps with honor in WW II as dis his 5 brothers…all in different branches! At a very early age I was so fortunate to be surrounded by family, friends and neighbors who appreciated freedom and what it took for this great country to be the beacon of freedom for the rest of this planet. I learned true appreciation for all military from my father and my family, I simply have to pass that on! I am so fortunate to have friends that serve our military and when they are in need of foot soldiers, I am honored serve…especially for our veterans and their families who sacrifice so much!


Charlie Cartwright, Co-Founder / BOARD MEMBER

A few years back I found myself sitting in an airport with my colleague Gary Baker, we were on our way back from a conference. We noticed a couple of kids taking a selfie with a famous athlete who walked by. Thus, a conversation began about why people take selfies? Immediately following this discussion, two men in military uniforms walked down the terminal towards us. I said, “you know, the real celebrities in this world are our soldiers. People should be focused on taking a photo with them. And thats how our Operation "Selfie With A Soldier" was started. Click here to learn more.

Meet our Board of Advisors

Nile-Dec 2007.JPG

Nile Ramsbottom, Board Member

In our 10 years of helping veterans find employment and get to a better place in life, we have learned they need understanding, a pathway forward, responsibility, tough love at times and mentoring. I have created and built a way to help those individuals. I believe in the process that the Warrior Transition Network has created. In my life, preparation has always been a key and I think it is also for the veteran who is transitioning to the civilian side of life. Training and education are a a big part of this process as well. We need to surround our veterans with communities who care and support them through the process of reintegration.  

Dan Kraus.jpg

DAN KRAUS, Board Member

I’ve always appreciated our awesome military and have felt a debt of gratitude for the great personal sacrifice the men and women in our military and their spouses and families make every day so we can enjoy freedom and security.  However, I rarely thought about how I could repay that debt until I connected with a few friends and played a small role in helping create The Warrior Transition Network.  It’s truly a blessing to be a part of a process where each of us can use our passions, talents and resources to help those incredible warriors and their families transition back into our community after their service to our country.

Prof Craig.jpg

james (Jim) craig, Board Member

Throughout our history, veterans and veteran programs have been at the forefront of change in our society.  One cannot fully understand the American experience without understanding the importance of veterans to our geographic expansion, institutional development, and social justice progress.  Small as it has become (less than 10% of our current population), the veteran community was, is and will continue to be critical to our never-ending national quest to “form a more perfect union”.  That’s why I am excited to be a part of OPERATION CENTER MASS.  What OCM is doing is critical work – I want to be a part of it.

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jordan chroman, Board Member

As we know, less that 1% of our population serves in the military - and that means that most citizens of this great Republic have little to no connection to service members.  That's why organizations that link our military and our nations great civilians are critical and resonate so strongly with me.  Civilians are aching to help - they just need to know how, and our Soldiers benefit greatly from the support, guidance, and mentorship of our civilians.  I've seen the excitement start with "Selfie With a Soldier" and then witnessed the energy and interest built rapidly with Operation Civilian Support and other efforts.  We have the opportunity to continue to make real and lasting change - and I couldn't be more humbled and honored to serve as a part of this great team of dedicated Americans.

CSM Kevin McKeller.jpg

Kevin mckeller, Board Member

A veteran may have never looked, applied for, or interviewed for a civilian job. This is especially true if they made the military a career. The process can be overwhelming for these individuals. There is a certain fear that comes with transitioning from the military. The Warrior Transition Network has proven members to assist those who served America reintegrate back into the communities they call home. I am humbled to continue the opportunity to be a servant leader to our nation's heroes. I want to be a part of the team that makes a difference. 


amos reed, Board Member

The heart of military service is, at the purest level, simply service. No matter the military branch to which one commits, there are core values that will always include service to others, beyond ourselves. We are small percentage of the population. But we are mighty in our abilities. The draw for me to join Center Mass was instantaneous. Military members are made stronger by their surroundings. It is our job as a society to ensure that the environment for their transition from duty to community member allows them to excel. They possess the heart, the drive, the desire to serve others. They deserve our best efforts, so they may continue to hit the target, at center mass.

Brett Portrait Small.jpg

Brett cox, Board Member

The importance of Warrior Transition Network’s mission cannot be overstated. The need for a comprehensive plan to get our warriors into high quality careers after they serve and sacrifice for our country is paramount and the Warrior Transition Network is the vehicle to make this happen. The proven leadership of the organization and the strong desire and dedication to work hard for all veterans will not only help our war fighters; but will also strengthen the local economy and make the companies they work for stronger competitors in the marketplace. I am extremely proud to be associated with the Warrior Transition Network and the truly outstanding people who are helping our Warriors succeed.


george herrera, Board Member

As a 14 year veteran who served in combat the experience of transition is real for me. What should have been an easy career transition felt like my hardest challenge. My fear was the lack of support from those around me and the new community I would bring my family into. How could I compare my last 14 years in the military with those who were so deeply rooted in their careers? It was through trial and error that I found my purpose. I quickly began to network and rely on the help of others. I listened to the stories of those who had been through their own transitions and fostered some new relationships.The Warrior Transition Network is everything I just mentioned of my transition and so much more. Instead of a veteran attempting the transition alone, The Warrior Transition Network will be there to walk beside and help guide transitioning veteran's through each personal challenge by offering support and resources.  I am proud to be a part of The Warrior Transition Network and look forward to the many ways I can also share individually with transitioning service members and their families.

Brett Kline.jpg

brett kline, Board Member

I am very honored to be asked to be a member of WTN’s Board of Advisors.  My father, Richard, graduated from West Point in 1966 and served in the Army for 26 years.  I had the opportunity to grow up on military bases here in the United States and abroad and be with soldiers on practically a daily basis.  These experiences instilled a lasting impression on the importance of work ethic and character, as well as, a deep appreciation for their service and sacrifice.  I also had the opportunity to see firsthand what an amazing leader and role model my father was to his troops.  After retirement, my father went through a professional transition away from military life into an entirely new vocation.  His experiences, and more importantly, his leadership qualities provided him the opportunity to connect with his teams on an entirely new level than what they were used to, earning him loyalty, trust and respect.  My father passed away in March of 2016 after a long battle with cancer.  As a way for me to carry on his legacy, I am committed to doing everything I possibly can to support and give back to the military community.  He was my hero, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him.  I only hope I can make a fraction of an impact that he did in others over the course of his life.