The Warrior Transition Network

Our organization creates Awareness, Engagement, and Action.

“Eventually, every person serving in our military must change the course of their trajectory in life. When a WARRIOR leaves the military, they are on a mission to make the TRANSITION and find their own meaningful opportunity - that is where our focus is at. Community members must be willing to accept them with open arms and introduce them to their personal and professional NETWORK. ” - Will Foy, Director of WTN Operations


Our mission is to create awareness, show our gratitude, be of service and help educate others about how best we all can support every branch in our military and our veterans who have served.  

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“Troops don’t come home to government programs; they come home to their families, neighbors and communitiesCommunities must step up to embrace troops and veterans. 

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The OCM Transition to Success planning process was created to help veterans make a smooth transition from the military into civilian opportunities. The transition process can be difficult, however with proper guidance and a plan to follow, we believe we can help guide you to a successful transition.

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2018 Highlights.... We are looking forward to even better 2019!